Maternity hospital bag

Still, women are amazing. Especially primiparous. Imagine,
37 weeks, the stomach is already barely passing through the doorway. The idea of ​​comparing the size of the waist with the size of the hole intended for the appearance of the child is manifested by beads of sweat on the temples.
But in the hospital you need to collect a bag and

Especially, the presence of this very bag often worries husbands. Because for the most part, they only know about childbirth that the wife needs to be delivered to the hospital on time and always with luggage. Otherwise, what good, they will force you to buy postpartum pads🤭.

From this thought, not only does sweat come out, from it whiskey turns gray. Buy pads for your wife is not giving birth to your beloved baby. This is a disgrace to the whole pharmacy, you know🤨.

And the expectant mother also does not dream of instructing her beloved between contractions, what is the difference between pads, diapers and what postpartum panties are.
Therefore, everyone begins to collect the bag in advance. Week on the 12th.

Today my plans include to facilitate this process for you!

✅ Ready-made sets. Saving time. And I would even say that nerves)

✅ Wholesale prices. More profitable than collecting separately.

✅Kits with which you will be admitted to the hospital. No, of course, with the top of the child’s head waving to the staff, they will definitely let you in, too. But the bag can be left with her husband. And there is nothing superfluous here, so you will not be left without diapers.

✅ The order will be sent to you one day in advance. That is, there will definitely not be a story that you have already checked out home, and your bag has just arrived.

✅Dynamic formulations. You can take any set, but make it fit for you. Add something, remove something, replace something. Suddenly you want panties with daisies. Pregnancy, she’s like that.

In general, it is traditionally a like-amulet for your husband from choosing a nursing bra in a pharmacy.