Infertility has roots in puberty period

Infertility has already become a big problem for our society. Therefore, it would be important to know that if you want your daughter to give a birth to a child in future, you should have paid special attention to her health state throughout her life and in puberty period in particular. Find here how to fight the infertility.

You are raising a daughter - your beauty and joy. You admire her achievements and help her in dealing with minor problems. However, the time goes on, and it is time to think that your child will soon enter into puberty period.

The work of the thyroid and the pituitary associated with hormones production gets increased significantly at the age of 11-12 years. This fact causes rapid and sometimes disproportionate growth of the body. Girl spends much time in front of the mirror, studying the changes in her appearance, which often frighten her. So you must be careful with the comments to the appearance of a child. It is important to learn a girl to use face care products as her skin becomes prone to skin rash or even acne. It is not recommended to delay with the treatment, but to choose face care products designed specially for teens.

Parents should remember that function of the adrenal cortex increases dramatically in the period of transition to adulthood. This means that the child is constantly under stress. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to emotional state of your kid.

How to help a teenager overcome this difficult period?
It is very important for a teenager to be like others. Therefore, pay attention to daughter's outfit and accessories. This is very important as she may become an object of ridicule and persecution. If the girl has problems with teeth, skin, or hair, you should not leave it unattended as she will avoid contacts and shy people. Encourage your daughter's interest in sports, dance and music. Let she attend classes in additional education system, trying her hand in various activities. Encourage her to participate in school competitions and contests.

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