Meet nine girlfriends who've been through infertility treatment (IT) and will make your IT easier by sharing what they learned. This is a candid, humorous description of what treatment is like from the patient's perspective and isn't that what you really care about?

This is very real stuff that no one else talks about, especially your doctors. The girlfriends can't cure your infertility but they can make your infertility treatment a whole lot better.

Here's what others have to say about The Girlfriends Infertility Treatment Companion:

"Elizabeth Dellenbaugh's book is an absolute must-read if you want to overcome infertilty and keep your sanity. Packed with practical recommendations, The Girlfriends' Infertility Treatment Companion is a sure bet to keep you on the road to parenthood."
--Matthew McQuaid, DPM, author of A Spiritual Path to Overcoming Infertility

"Elizabeth Dellenbaugh deciphers infertility treatment with sensitivity and style. The girlfriends' advice and practical tips on how to get through treatment while still having a life can't be found anywhere else."
-- Theresa, infertility patient, Washington, DC

"It teaches you what you need to know and still makes you laugh ... explains the science in easy-to-understand terms, and addresses many personal, practical, and emotional issues your doctors don't."
-- B.J., infertility patient - Medical company, New York, NY

"Elizabeth (Lissy) Dellenbaugh's book fills an important niche. I hope every patient going through infertility therapy will take the time to read and use this book as his or her companion. And I hope every patient reading it will give it to her or his infertility care providers to remind us of what you, our patients, experience."
--Dr. Robert J. Stillman, M.D., FACOG, Shady Grove Fertility Center