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Welcometo Our website sprang up around the book The Girlfriends’ Infertility Treatment Companion by Elizabeth Gordon Dellenbaugh (2009 Lost Coast Press). We connect readers with the book (which can be purchased directly by choosing “About the Book” from the toolbar above) and the author.

Patients buy the book for themselves, to help cope with the demanding process of infertility treatment (“IT”) and even occasionally laugh about it; and for their husbands/partners, their parents and their friends so the key people in their lives can understand what they are going through.

Friends buy the book for their friends who are infertility patients, to help them deal with the day to day process and keep perspective. It’s hard to undergo IT and still have a life.

Husbands/partners buy the book for themselves, their wives/partners, parents and in-laws.

Infertility practices buy the book to include in patient information materials – personalizing the process and demystifying treatment, demonstrating a commitment to the patient experience and substantially reducing patient questions and confusion. Contact us for bulk discounts.

Let us know how else our site can help you. We’re new, and eager to please. What gaps in the current body of online resources about infertility treatment can we help fill? How else can we improve the patient’s experience? Please contact us and online medical clinic in Canada with all your questions and ideas. We’d really like to hear from you. And, thanks. We wish you well.

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