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Pharmaceutical repackaging is getting more complex for pharmacies in hospitals, medical clinics and long-term care facilities.

If you are managing such a pharmacy, you could repackage in-house, an option that requires significant investment in additional capital equipment, clean room facilities and full-time trained personnel.

Perhaps, instead, you are looking for a reliable unit dose repackaging company. If you are located in the Western United States, talk to AidaPak Services. We look forward to earning your trust, one order at a time.

Email an AidaPak Representative

or phone Toll-free 866-374-7665, Local 360-448-2090


Custom to your needs

An AidaPak representative will spend time with you to fully understand your needs, then customize packaging and labeling to fulfill them.

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4 day turnaround

From order to delivery, AidaPak turnaround is just plain quick. Your order will arrive in just four business days.

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Packaging capabilities

Dispense standard labeled Unit Dose and Unit of Use – fully bedside barcode ready, saving time and cost.

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Filling gaps in unit dose shortages.


Trouble finding Unit Dose
oral solids and liquids for
your BCMA system?
AidaPak fills the gaps.


When your meds must be in Unit Dose packaging,
labeled for bedside barcode and work within your system
call AidaPak.


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